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This paper discusses non-legislative measures to address the issue of online child exploitation, particularly child grooming.Using knowledge of offending patterns and encouraging effective coordination and collaboration by government and private-sector entities enables law enforcement to develop strategies to address the problem.Social-networking sites are currently working with law enforcement agencies to protect children through the removal of known offenders from their websites.The financial services industry is assisting to eliminate offenders’ access to financial-payment systems.Dear Prudence, A few months ago I posted an ad on an ageplay-related dating site.Role-playing with consenting adults is something I enjoy (discreetly). -- A shy sissy Dear Mistress Alexa: I felt so comfortable telling you my desires and experiences. -- Your chastity maid Dear Mistress Alexa: Your voice puts me at ease, it sooths me, it settles something deep down inside of me. Say goodbye within the first 5 minutes if you're not happy with the call and we will not bill you. Dear Mistress Alexa: I just wanted to thank you for all of the attention that you gave me last night, for calling me, and for making me so confortable once I got over my initial nervousness .

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Foreword | As the internet and other forms of information and communications technology advances, opportunities for child sexual offenders and other financially-motivated cybercriminals to sexually exploit children will increase.

Official statistics here and overseas indicate the number of investigations and prosecutions remain small but are increasing rapidly.

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