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Done ; ended, finished, termina- ted ; completed ; accomplished, execu- ted ; utterly, entirely ; over, past ; auxiliary expressing a perfect preterite. End, termination, conclusion ; completion ; accomplishment, execu- tion. To end, to terminate, to finish ; to complete ; to execute, to accom- plish ; to expend, to exhaust.

To feign, to pretend, to make a show of; to attempt; to try if a thing will fit.

Though this issue was later sorted out between the government and CBSE, the bottom line is that it is better to stick to the tried and tested and much widely accepted option of the class 10 CBSE board exams. Learn to handle & channelize stress: While the purpose of making class 10 board exams optional was to do away with the undue stress that class 10 students face at such a young age, there is an alternate perspective to the situation – we need to change our mindset towards “stress”.

The entire examination process should be taken as an experience that teaches the 14-15 year old to handle and tackle stress and inculcate habits like time-management, prioritisation, planning, scheduling etc.

My husband in comparison is completely nuts about it.

He can have it for breakfast, lunch and also dinner.

I have to admit that I was quite skeptical about it in those days.

To bore a hole, or to puncture, with a red hot iron. But as most of them had very high regards for the yummy 'Gupchup', we never bothered to find out.It was only after I finished college (or maybe sometime in the final year) that these cycle-wallahs with their big pots of dahibara and smaller pots of ghuguni/alu dum began to make their presence felt in my hometown.During my childhood years in Rourkela, we never saw this delicacy being sold on the streets.Visiting relatives from Bhubaneshwar would sometimes mention this and we would wonder why curries like alu dum and ghuguni need to be paired with dahi vadas. Balai jome jomkeda He ate an amazing quan- tity- Balaikedae, nit ho bae hiju Kkana.


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