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The pair manage the peer educator programme within the Standing Committee On Sexual and Reproductive Health, including HIV/Aids (SCORA) at the Lebanese Medical Students' International Committee.

READ MORE: Comprehensive sex education is a human right Sex education was introduced for 12 to 14-year-olds in Lebanon in 1995, but was withdrawn in 2000 after criticism from a number of religious groups in the country.

Those women who become good dancers are no longer expected to perform sexual acts, but may do so for a considerable price.

The young women contracted as dancers are often unaware of the true nature of the work they are expected to perform.

Wide range of backgrounds and experiences so speak up when necessary to provide a product or service.

With that come topics that some adults would prefer them to avoid.

According to the book, Deconstructing Sexuality in the Middle East: Challenges and Discourses, one faction said the topics studied would "provoke [students] to perversion".

Subsequent attempts to reintroduce it to public schools have had little effect, with teachers complaining of a lack of training and the need for "administrative support in case parents complained".

Having always approached the therapeutic use of essential oils from the "radical" French "Aromatic Medicine" perspective, I have long noted the many incongruous and exaggerated statements regarding essential oil toxicity.

Over these past twelve years, through my involvement with various government and industry bodies, I have specifically focused on this topic of "essential oil toxicity" as one area of study, given the potential "poisons scheduling" of various essential oils by the Australian National Drugs and Poisons Scheduling Committee.


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