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He also trained with Pia Mellody in Post Induction Therapy and provides Healing Trauma Workshops.""I am dedicated to helping people identify and work through symptoms, problems, and obstacles to true health and vitality in personal and professional relationships.I am certified as an EFT Therapist for couple's and individuals ( I am certified and a trainer in Emotional Brain Training. Loveand Marriage""In my practice, I attempt to address suffering: what makes us suffer, how we suffer, and how suffering can be alleviated.

Do you struggle with depression, anxiety, sadness, low energy?

He said the issue comes up when he meets with young people.“This is the question which is asked by junior-high kids: Why does God hate gays? Riccardo said he responds in terms that can relate to younger folks without being too explicit.“Here’s the image that I use,” Riccardo said.

He said he tells the students, what if ‘I just rip open a bagel, I take it, and I cram it in my ear. ’He said, the kids respond: “That doesn’t go there.”“I say, ‘Exactly.’ ”“That will ruin your ear canal,” Riccardo said.

John Riccardo of Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish in Plymouth, told about how a family member of his wrestles with how to deal with a gay child.

The three-day conference, titled “Welcoming and Accompanying Our Brothers and Sisters with Same-Sex Attraction,” concluded with a mass led by Detroit Archbishop Allen Vigneron, the religious leader of 1.3 million Catholics in metro Detroit.


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