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She could really run this town if she put her mind to it." But as a woman in the conservative 1950s, she found herself confined to producing religious films for television.Her son, Christopher Lawford, said she felt resentment towards her father "at not being allowed fully to live up to her potential".The Duke of Montague’s estate records, held at Northamptonshire County Records Office, show that he became a tenant farmer in our village of Church Lawford – the records also show that his home was only 100 yards or so from where we live!That he chose to live in Church Lawford comes as no surprise, because he was married to a woman from the village: Ann, the daughter of John and Elizabeth Garfield.

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We guess we'll just have to keep our eyes on these two.When we asked her about the obvious flirtation, Bensimon was coy about her new friendship, but was certainly in no state of denial."I met Christopher Kennedy Lawford at the Caron Renaissance Save-a-Life benefit and was really taken by his own personal story.He had also been hospitalized in July and November.Light-Hearted, Romantic Actor The slim, dark-haired Mr. In ''Good News'' (1947), the second film version of the Broadway musical, Mr. In the musical ''Easter Parade'' (1948), he appeared opposite Ann Miller.In 1949, through her brother Jack, she was introduced to Peter Lawford; they married in April 1954, a few weeks before her 30th birthday.


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