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But three vintages in and somehow the conversation around Thousand Candles was about everything other than the wine or, even, the vineyard." Source, Wine Front.11/08/2017: Jane Anson on South Australia "There are pioneers in wine in every region in the world, and Heekin reminded me to look more closely.Their generousity will enable many people to identify cost-effective actions that will reduce energy use and eliminate unnecessary pollution.A unique wine cellar in a unique place, Petra receives the mysterious secret from the skies and the earth and sends it back from whence it came through the production of a wine that has the soul of Tuscan Maremma and a spirit that speaks of the secrets of an ancient language.The awards offer brand leverage for young winemakers looking to expand their market reach. 11/08/2017: ASVO Viticulturist of the year finalists The Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology (ASVO) is pleased to announce the finalists for the 2017 ASVO Viticulturist of the year award.The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony and dinner on November 14 at Carrick Hill in Adelaide. 11/08/2017: New wind blows at Thousand Candles "It was the best of stories. Thousand Candles launched with a grand vision and an even grander vineyard and the perfect team of people to execute it.

Ageing takes place in mid- and light-toasted French oak barriques (Allier, Nevers and Tronçais), in which the entire malolactic fermentation process takes place.

The production method is also firmly aimed at protecting the wine’s local connotation.

The grapes are gathered when fully mature (late August – mid September) and transported in boxes no heavier than 17 kg.

Only a few of these barriques are new, while the others are on their second and third fill.

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