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Presumably it crossed the cold salt water of Colvos Passage, paddling a mile or so east from the Kitsap Peninsula.

The big cats are “known to swim lakes and rivers within their home ranges rather routinely,” says Brian Kertson, a cougar expert with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Even a young male’s mom will push him out, explains Dave Werntz, science and conservation director for Conservation Northwest, a group involved with protecting wildlife and wild lands.with the amount of first dates I’ve been on, but hear me…I am keeping MY roses. Like the one that licked my face, instead of shaking my hand when we said our goodbyes. The men — just like the women — are jaded and have baggage. I’ve been divorced for three years, and pretty sure destined to be alone… It’s nice to have a guy that has nowhere to be — no kids to raise, no ex-wife texting all the time, no stress. And both parties know it is what it is — eventually the relationship will come to an end.Or the guy that slid me the check and said, “” And how can I forget the fella that asked me to leave after realizing I was Jewish? None are willing to put in any effort after being emasculated by their ex-wives…but can you blame them? (women over the age of 40, divorced, usually with kids). These younger guys are simply fed up with girls their own age pressuring them with marriage and a family. So, they’re on the hunt for older women that are DONE with that stage in life and are just looking for a little drama-free fun! The Cub will grow up, to get married and have a family.The single former Countdown mathematician, 55, has been flirting with 30-year-old comic Joel Dommett on the show, as well as boasting about sex shop purchases and dating.Now the owners of Toy Boy Warehouse, who consider Carol to be a ‘fantastic older woman’, reckon she’ll join their site because she prefers ‘occasionals’ to ‘high-maintenance’ full-on relationships.A commercial for a risqué dating site starring a porn star was banned in Australia, a country that seems to love banning ads. What's unexpected is that one of the reasons it got banned was because it featured violence between women.


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